Polymer Clay

What Is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a sculpting material consisting of polymerized particles dispersed in a variety of plasticizers and pigmented with colors. Like traditional clays, it is soft and pliable in the raw state but hardens when heat cured. Available in craft stores for over thirty years, it is commonly used to make beads, pendants and jewelry items … but never has this material been pushed to such extreme applications as found on Hand Guitars.

What makes our work with polymer clay so special...  

-Jon Anderson's twenty five years hands-on experience and artistic extravagance; his incredibly minute detailing, the secretive processes by which he creates 3D effects on a 2D surface, not to mention the abundance of shimmering color gradations. Notably, no other studio in the world can make the same claims, let alone produce consistently in such quantities.
-JP Thomas' similarly extensive design expertise and technological explorations with this material have increased the inherent tensile hardness, altered the surface characteristics to bond with durable finishes that offer extended UV protection.

Having said that, the ultimate challenge was to creatively fuse this modern material into the time-honored traditions of guitar-making in ways that seem perfectly natural. So, move past the fact that these designs are not printed film or paint, and let a deeper level of appreciation for this unique medium settle in. The possibilities are endless.